Luxury Vinyl Tile

Marett-Carpet-One-Floor-and-Home-Volant-PA-LVTGet the Look and Feel of Hardwood and Ceramic Tile with LVT!

Vinyl flooring has gained a reputation for being a cheap knockoff of hard surfaces. This reputation might have been rightfully earned, as vinyl floors were not much to feel giddy over. Well now you can have the affordability of a vinyl floor with the performance and appearance of other hard surface floors with luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

With modern advances in manufacturing technology, all facets of vinyl floors have improved since they were first introduced to the market. While technically not a separate category of vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tile is a term that many manufacturers use to designate the higher-performing vinyl floors that more closely replicate other hard surfaces. LVT typically contains a higher vinyl content and thicker wear layer for further durability. LVT is most-often constructed in layers, with a high quality image layer used to recreate the appearance of hardwood, stone, ceramic and more. The floor’s wear layer is pressed with a patterned metal plate, giving a texture that represents the surface of the floor’s genuine equivalent. Recent technology also allows the wear layer to be computer-embossed to match the pattern on the image layer in higher-end tiles, giving an accurate texture that reproduces the look and feel of the floor’s real counterpart. Some LVT is also manufactured to allow grout to be used in installation, further enhancing the realism of the floor.

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