Allergen Friendly Flooring

Allergies got you down? There's a way around it!

Allergen-Friendly Flooring:

Carpet V Hardwood

Two of the most popular floor choices are carpet and hardwood.  Both have variety and are good choices for a home.  Flooring is an expensive investment meant to last for years.  When making a new flooring choice, it’s important to keep in mind anyone in the home that suffers from allergies.  There is a difference in how each material will affect those with allergies.


Carpeting is soft, padded, comforting, and warm.  These characteristics can be especially nice where the weather is colder.  It works as an insulator for rooms to help keep warm air inside.  Because the floor is padded, it is comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time, and it helps muffle sounds throughout the house.  Carpet adds a layer of cushion that may help protect against injuries, especially for children or the elderly.  

Carpet is a less expensive choice, but it wears out quicker than hardwood flooring. Carpet is impossible to clean completely, and stains can settle in permanently. For those with allergies, carpeting is a problem. Dust and mycobacterial materials are attracted and get caught in the carpet fibers. Each step releases millions of tiny particles into the air, leading to those with allergies to experience increased chronic symptoms.


A room with hardwood flooring is an impressive sight, and it adds beautiful warmth to a home.  The natural wood material creates a pattern that is unique to each floor.  While hardwood is cooler to the feet, it's easily warmed up with rugs and a room’s appearance can be changed quickly with a new rug.  Hardwood flooring that is well maintained can last for decades or even for generations with the right hardwood material.  A durable hardwood floor will pay for the initial investment over time.

Hardwood floors can be changed after years by a new stain to change its' appearance and make it look new again.  Wood floors are made of natural materials and are ecologically friendly.  If anyone in the home suffers from allergies, hardwood is the way to go because any dust and microorganisms can be easily wiped away to keep the home’s air allergen friendly. Shop Hardwood


Consider these factors when choosing the right flooring for your home and loved ones.  If chronic allergies are a factor for anyone, then hardwood easily wins hands down over carpet to help keep your home allergen free.