Preventing Carpet from Fading

Many people are frustrated with fading carpets. However, it is inevitable that a carpet will start to fade once you put it in a place where it is going to be receiving natural light. Sunlight can lead to slow fading of the color of a carpet over time. It is not the only thing that can cause a carpet to fade, but it is the primary cause. Yet, there are certain things that you can do to minimize this occurrence.Carpet One

The main thing to do to prevent the fading of your carpet is to limit sunlight exposure as much as possible. Keep your blinds closed in the daytime, and then open them when it is about to get dark. Alternatively, you can purchase ultraviolet light blocking window treatments, which can help to prevent fading without you having to close your blinds in the daytime. Your local carpet store may have a fluorocarbon protector, which can help in this regard. These protectors will need to be reapplied from time to time, which you should keep in mind if you get one. If you have area rugs in some of the rooms of your house, what you can do is just
pull your rug away from the windows so that the light does not shine directly on it.

There are also some cleaning tips that you can utilize. A salt water carpet cleaning can help reverse some sun fading. The first thing you should do in this process is vacuum your carpet to take away any excess dirt. Then, mix equal parts of hot water and salt in a bowl, and stir the mixture until the salt completely dissolves. Using a damp cloth, apply this mixture to your carpet, and cover your carpet with a light layer of it. Let your carpet dry naturally, and then vacuum up the salt. This should actually restore some of your carpet's color.

It is important that when something happens that can cause your carpet to fade, you react immediately and allow as little time as possible to lapse. If you spill something, what you should do first is blot out the stain using a newspaper or paper towels. Rinse out the remaining parts of the stain with cool water, and then blot the liquid with towels. Also be sure to clean your carpet with a carpet cleaning product or a wet vac. Make sure to test the product on your carpet before something like this happens to make sure that it will not cause staining itself. You can also consider calling a professional carpet cleaner.

It is very likely that you do not want your carpet to fade. As such, the moment that you notice fading you should take action right away. There are many things you can do to prevent and alleviate the problem to keep your carpet looking its best.



Carpet Fading

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