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Hardwood and Humidity in Volant, PA

Wood has a natural affinity for moisture – it can draw moisture out of the air like a sponge. This natural tendency can create problems with hardwood flooring, though, particularly if the floors have not been installed properly. Over time, household humidity and even the weather outside can cause your floors to swell and even warp; the key to preventing this unsightly problem begins before your floors are even installed.  

Humidity and your Hardwood Flooring

Whether you live in a humid environment or use a humidifier, your floors will naturally swell and relax based on the moisture in the air. Extreme swelling or warping can cause a problem and leave you with damaged, uneven floorboards. Selecting the right materials and the right installer can protect you from this uncomfortable and unsightly condition.

Select Materials with Care

Choose a local contractor that is familiar with your area’s environment to work on your floors – someone outside your region may not realize how dry you become in winter or how humid it is in summer. Incorporate moisture sensitivity into your research as you choose a specific product or wood type. Choosing the right product from the start can help you avoid humidity issues later.

Choose an Experienced Installer

A carpet contractor who occasionally installs other flooring types won’t be able to help, you need a hardwood flooring expert. An experienced contractor will understand how important timing is and even allow the boards to settle into your home before the installation. Any swelling or warping will happen before the boards are in place, not after your floor is laid. Skilled installation is really the most important part in the flooring process and the one that will have the biggest impact on your final floors.

Use your HVAC Wisely

If you have had your floors installed by an expert, then normal HVAC use won’t be a problem; if you use a humidifier, only turn it on when it is really needed, overuse could damage any wood item in your home, including your floors.

If you’re worried about hardwood flooring and humidity, your installer can set your mind at ease; contact us to work with an experience wood flooring contractor who understands how important the installation process is for your new floor.