Laminate Flooring Volant, MA

Marett-Carpet-One-Floor-and-Home-Volant-PA-Laminate-FlooringLaying down laminate flooring can be a great way to give your home a stylish look at a fraction of the price of real wood. Unlike most other types of similarly priced flooring material, laminate holds up well to both accidents and everyday use.

Easy to Clean

Since laminate flooring is made up of a smooth sheet of vinyl placed onto pressed board, it is relatively easy to clean and it does a great job of repelling stains. A dry mop is generally all you need in order to clean up a liquid mess, as well as when you sweep as part of a maintenance routine.

Hassle-free Installation

Because laminate flooring pieces are designed to connect with each other, as opposed to being glued or cemented in place, installation is relatively simple for someone who has very little home improvement experience. As long as the sub-floor is in good condition, an untrained individual can put in every piece of laminate that does not need to be cut. Even shaped pieces are simple to configure since only a standard table saw or circular saw is needed to make the cut.

Low Cost

A piece of laminate flooring costs about 60% less than a comparable piece of real wood flooring. Tile floors cost even more compared to laminate, reaching as high as 10 times as much money on a square foot basis. The ease of installation also makes installing a laminate floor easier for contractors, which should drive down the price of labor if you choose to have it installed by a professional.

Having a laminate floor installed can save you a substantial amount of money compared to tile or hardwood and it lets you easily replace sections that get damaged over the course of your floor's life.