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About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Fresh and always fabulous, luxury vinyl flooring is just like nature, only better. For those who long for a hardwood, stone, or tile floor – but their budget and lifestyle dictates otherwise- luxury vinyl is the ideal alternative. You’ll enjoy all the looks you love, minus the worry and expense.

Luxury vinyl flooring boasts a synthetic composition that’s durable and easy to maintain. It is built out of reinforced and durable materials, designed to hold up against climate changes, foot traffic, and life’s little accidents. Luxury vinyl is inherently designed to resist moisture and it won’t crack under pressure.

Expert Advice - LVT Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring, or LVT flooring, has become more and more popular in residential and commercial settings. Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, for some inside information about luxury vinyl.

How Is Luxury Vinyl Made?

What makes luxury vinyl more durable than hardwood and tile is its synthetic construction. Luxury vinyl flooring is made from different layers that are fused together. The top layer, which is called the wear layer, resists almost all scratches and scuffs without any special treatments. Luxury vinyl therefore does not need to be sealed or refinished. The wear layer also is water resistant, so moisture is unlikely to penetrate the surface.

Underneath the wear layer is the design layer. The design layer features a high-definition wood or stone visual, so it provides luxury vinyl with its authentic and natural appearance.

Luxury vinyl flooring has support layers, including core and base layers, that provide exceptional dimensional stability to the planks and tiles. With this layer, luxury vinyl flooring can handle moisture, foot traffic, and other environmental impacts without cracking, chipping, or collapsing. Many luxury vinyl flooring options even have rigid waterproof cores, so they are considered 100% waterproof.

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Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Life is all about choices, and today’s consumers have several great options when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring: sheet, tile, and plank. Luxury vinyl plank is an alternative to hardwood and laminate, while luxury vinyl tile is an alternative to tile.

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Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Like we mentioned before, luxury vinyl flooring is considered water resistant. But, is luxury vinyl flooring waterproof? Not all luxury vinyl flooring options are waterproof, but there are some options that are considered 100% waterproof. WPC, or wood plastic composite, flooring is a type of luxury vinyl flooring that is waterproof. WPC flooring has a strong core that prevents the vinyl planks and tiles from expanding or contracting when exposed to moisture. At the same time, this stops moisture from ever reaching the subfloor. This is important because moisture on the subfloor can lead to mold and mildew.

Another waterproof luxury vinyl flooring option is rigid core flooring. Rigid core flooring is newer, and therefore not as popular as WPC flooring, but it features an ultra-durable construction. Rigid core flooring originally was only practical in commercial settings, but there are now residential options available.

Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?

Unlike many other types of flooring, luxury vinyl flooring can truly go anywhere. Since it’s so easy and quick to install - it’s especially appealing to owners of rental properties, although this beautiful floor can make itself at home anywhere. If you're installing luxury vinyl in a kitchen or bathroom, be sure to consider waterproof luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great flooring solution for its affordability, its ability to integrate seamlessly into your existing décor, and its inherent strength.

Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Selection

Marett Carpet One Floor & Home in Volant, PA is your local expert when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring. We offer one of the area's best selections of premium luxury vinyl brands and services.

Our featured luxury vinyl flooring brands are Invincible H2OEarthscapes, and VeroStone, all of which are Carpet One exclusives. Invincible H2O is a waterproof luxury vinyl flooring option, while Earthscapes and VeroStone are durable sheet vinyl options.

We also have popular brands such as Armstrong, Kraus, Mannington, and Tarkett.

  1. Invincible H2O luxury vinyl flooring

    Invincible H2O is waterproof, kid-proof, and pet-proof.

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  2. invincible xt

    Invincible XT features a rigid core construction.

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  3. Invincible LVP

    Invincible LVT is a durable alternative to wood and stone.

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Learn More About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Invincible H2O vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Guide

We're proud to be your local experts when it comes to luxury vinyl. Visit our Flooring Guide to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring.

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Invincible H2O waterproof flooring

Wood Look Luxury Vinyl

One of the fastest-growing trends in the industry is wood look flooring. Luxury vinyl plank flooring looks like real wood, but it features a luxury vinyl construction.

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vinyl flooring maintenance

Luxury Vinyl Maintenance

Because luxury vinyl flooring is wear and water resistant, it remains easy to clean and maintain. Learn more about luxury vinyl maintenance.

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Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof luxury vinyl is a game changer for durable and resilient flooring. You can have high quality flooring installed anywhere in your home without the worry of moisture causing major damage.

Learn About Waterproof Flooring
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Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring offers authentic hardwood and tile looks for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Kitchen and Bathroom Floors
COREtec Plus XL Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank

If you love the look of hardwood flooring but need something that can withstand life’s challenges then consider luxury vinyl plank flooring. These floors are built with active households in mind. 

Learn About Luxury Vinyl Plank

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