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Pet Friendly Flooring Options Volant, PA

When a homeowner has pets such as dogs or cats within their house, there is likely to be a concern about caring for floors. Since an abundance of fur or toileting troubles can lead to damage, it may be pertinent to consider the flooring options available so the walking surface remains in the best of condition. Here are a few great choices one can use in a household with four-legged friends so the floors walked upon remain visibly pleasing as a result.

One great option for a home with pets is vinyl tile. This flooring surface is a breeze to clean as there are no fibers as with carpeting for fur to become trapped within. If a pet has a toileting accident, it can be whisked away from the floor without worry of discoloration or odor being left behind.

Bamboo flooring is similar to wood flooring in appearance with the added benefit of a hardier surface. This is one of the flooring options that is less likely to become scratched from claws or stained due to accidents, making a great addition to a home where a dog or cat is present.

Painted concrete is not only a great medium for garages and basements, but in a home with pets it can be an option for a unique flooring idea. Painted concrete gives an area a vibrant appearance that is not prone to staining or scratching. One can simply wipe up accidents from the surface leaving behind a colorful appearance to enjoy.

Using natural rugs in a home is a cost-effective way in keeping floor surfaces underneath clean. A rug made from sisal or jute can be easily shaken to remove debris including pet fur. Area rugs will protect all types of flooring from being scratched. Pet stains can easily be washed from the rugs. It is a good idea to have at least two sets of rugs available so flooring has constant protection in a home with a pet or pets.