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How to Remove Hair from your Carpet

Pet hair can end up collecting in your carpets, especially if you have dogs or cats with longer hair or breeds that shed a lot. Vacuuming your carpets once a week or more helps cut down on the amount of hair overall. When you don’t vacuum regularly, though, pet hair can build up to the point where your vacuum cleaner won’t be able to remove it. Carpet cleaning by professionals once or twice a year can get rid of pet hair. However, it’s important to keep it from building up in your carpets in the first place. 

Cleaning carpet to remove pet hair can be done in a few different ways. You can try using baking soda on your carpet, which will help loosen up pet hair while also getting rid of pet odors. Sprinkle a light coating of baking soda on carpets, leave it there for about 5 minutes and vacuum it up. Other ways to get rid of pet hair include using a solution made of liquid fabric softener and water and using a sponge mop on problem areas after vacuuming. 

Carpet cleaning with a vacuum that is made to remove as much debris as possible from carpeting might also help eliminate pet hair. You can also try running a rubber squeegee over spots with a lot of pet hair or using a carpet rake for stubborn pet hair. Hiring cleaning carpet professionals every six months to a year helps ensure that any remaining pet hair is removed from your carpeting. This can help your carpets last longer without looking dull or worn out.